The Trust Platform helps districts

meet the highest standard for access to sensitive data.



Enablement for Districts

Connecting to cloud resources should not mean relinquishing control of your student data. The Trust Platform service helps districts support industry standards, which means districts improve their capabilities, not give them up.

As a cloud service, the Trust Platform adds little to no overhead. It’s your directory to own and control, and it never gets co-mingled with another district.   


Support for Standards

Modern authentication standards have proven their value in healthcare, financial services, and many other industries. Pip uses these same standards to bring a new level of capability to schools. 

Using these standards lays the groundwork for secure interaction with 3rd party services, and trusted exchange of information. Standards also ensure that you don’t get locked in to a proprietary method of communication with your partners.


Respect for Privacy

Any discussion regarding student privacy must include parents, who are often forgotten in today's online world. When the textbook no longer comes home in the backpack, parents are entitled to stay connected with their child's online activities for school to stay informed.

Using our unique Social2SAML capability, our platform helps parents connect their child's learning outside the classroom, to their learning inside the classroom.